Henry Who Photography

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I've been into photography since a very young age. Started out with a Kodak Pocket 110, progressed to a secondhand Olympus OM10. One of the first things I bought for it was the manual adapter. What a fantastic camera she was, I still have her and most of the accessories from those days. I just bought 2 reverse adapters so I can mount two of the OM lenses on my Nikon D3300 as macro lenses. Almost all of my work from my film days was lost in a Caravan fire. Now in the digital age of photography I make multiple back-ups and when possible send a copy off-site. Bought the Nikon D3300 in the middle of 2014 and slowly got back into taking pictures. My kit currently consists of the D3300 with 18-55mm and 55-300mm, a good soft-bag, light weight tripod, the Cokan filters I had from my film days, with a new adapter ring for my 55-300mm, second battery and car charger to suit and several 64Gig class 10 SD cards. My latest purchase is an intervalometer to allow me to do time-lapse.
It took a few test but I finally got the mirror slap out of my time-lapse and will start producing them in FHD, 4K and possibly UHD. UHD on TV's is close but not exactly 4K. 4K as the name suggests is 4096 pixels wide where UHD TV's are 3840 pixels wide.